Nutty Narrative Unfolding: The Far Side of Sanity Meets South of Zero Latitude

It’s true.

I’ve crossed a line—another event horizon, binding the world as I knew it to one I’d never even imagined.

I’ve crossed over into crazy a number of times.  And if you aren’t convinced that I’ve lapsed into less-than-sound-mind yet again, get a load of these most recent developments—this nutty narrative now unfolding on the far side of sanity—or, as I now think of it, South of Zero Latitude.

The bottom line is this–we’re crazy about our new home in Cuenca, Ecuador.  But that’s not the wackiest half of it.

As some of you know, Sara and I, together for 7 years, were married in New York on April 25th and moved, with two dogs, to Cuenca within days of that ceremony.

Big Apple bloggers Jackie Cangro and Lame Adventures witnessed the event and may have found new callings as WordPress wedding correspondents.  At the very least they’re now dear friends, legally attached to the document that newly announces us spouse and spouse.  Some of you may recall that I was wedding correspondent for Tori’s (The Ramblings) “Very Bloggy Wedding.”

But we were the true crazies, who, in love as ever, flew to our new home in Ecuador less than a week afterward.  Within one month we had sold our house in Kentucky, traveled to Pennsylvania (for my memoir research), married in New York, and landed south of zero latitude with two white dogs, 10 suitcases, and not nearly enough Spanish—in a country neither of us had ever even visited before.

You need not remind us.  Even the ones who love us most remain convinced of the utter and complete craziness of our newly nuptialed move.  But we’re okay with crazy.  We’re willing to accept whatever labels might be launched our way.

And as you might have guessed, I have so many new stories to tell!

But in the week we’ve been here, I’ve had even less time than sense.  So please accept today only a few photos Sara and I have taken over the past several weeks—images of our home sale in Lexington, our adventures in Pennsylvania, our marriage in New York, our departure from Kentucky, our first week in Ecuador.

We sold almost everything to make this move to Ecuador a reality.

We sold almost everything to make this move to Ecuador a reality.

We visited the house I grew up in (Pittsburgh,35 years later).

We visited the house I grew up in (Pittsburgh,35 years later).

In New York City wecelebrated when we received our marriage license--the day before the ceremony itself.

In New York City, we celebrated when we received our marriage license–the day before the ceremony itself.

Thanks to Lame Adeventures for this almost-wedding-kiss shot!

Thanks to Lame Adventures for this almost-wedding-kiss shot!

Kathy posed with wedding witnesses "Lame Adventures" (R) and Jackie Cangro (L).

Kathy posed with wedding witnesses “Lame Adventures” (R) and Jackie Cangro (L).

Sara snapped photos of me taking photos in Central Park.

Sara snapped photos of me taking photos in Central Park.

We made a semi-scene upon arriving at the Lexington airport on the day we departed for Ecuador.  (Kathy and Ralph)

We made a semi-scene upon arriving at the Lexington airport on the day we departed for Ecuador. (Kathy and Ralph)

We've fallen in love with cathedrals in downtown Cuenca, Ecuador.

We’ve fallen in love with cathedrals in downtown Cuenca, Ecuador.

We've rented a temporary, colonial home in the center of downtown Cuenca--el Centro.

We’ve rented a temporary, colonial home in the center of downtown Cuenca–el Centro.

The house has a small, but lovely, walled garden for the dogs.

The house has a small, but lovely, walled garden for the dogs.

We actually took a bus tour of Cuenca.  Sara snapped this of me on board.

We actually took a bus tour of Cuenca. Sara snapped this of me on board.

We got a great view of Cuenca, stretched out below.

We got a great view of Cuenca, stretched out below.

With the camera I gave Sara as a wedding present, she got an amazing shot of Cuenca's "new" cathedral.

With the camera I gave Sara as a wedding present, she got an amazing shot of Cuenca’s “new” cathedral.

So far, Ecuador doesn’t disappoint.  In fact, we’re in love with our new home high in the Andes—land of perpetual spring, not to mention, two newly-wedded wackies.

Yes, when it comes to crazy, we’re still nutty about one another, as well!

What’s the craziest move you’ve ever made?  Were you disappointed with the results?  Do you ever go with your gut and let the fallout be what it is?

If you haven’t read what Jackie Cangro wrote about our marriage ceremony, please do.  I lacked the time and jet-lagged good sense needed to share her link the day it posted.  But please click here to read it now.  And if you missed the link I mentioned last week to Lame Adventure’s piece about our wedding, please check it out as well.  Both blogs are well-worth following!

I promise to respond to your comments on this post!  And I apologize for my poor blogging etiquette this past month.  My behavior will improve as we get oriented to our new home.  I miss you all–and, of course, thank you for reading and commenting!  I will visit your sites as soon as “settled” allows.  You all are dear to me!

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111 thoughts on “Nutty Narrative Unfolding: The Far Side of Sanity Meets South of Zero Latitude

  1. I don’t think that this is crazy. I think you are two amazing women who follow your hearts, talk the talk, and walk the walk. Crazy is repeating the same mistakes over and over, even when you know it makes you unhappy. I’d say that, right now, my craziness surpasses yours for that reason.

    • I love this way of looking at it, Lisa! Why had that never occurred to me? We have, indeed, followed our hearts and are so, so happy! One thing to think about–maybe when one has a child it’s more complicated doing what makes one happy? I don’t know–never had one. Take care, my friend!

  2. So glad you are semi settled—it looks amazing!!! Totally amazing. I am sure your adventures have just begun and there will be tons of wonderful stories forthcoming!!! As far as crazy moves—definitely moving to Australia but it was so worth it. Every little bit of it!

    • Absolutely, Beth Ann! Australia is every bit as crazy as Ecuador, I’d say. So glad your move was worth the risk. And so happy to see your furniture assemblage has been successful! I enjoyed that post! Hugs to you!

  3. I had no idea what a beautiful place Ecuador was until I saw yours and Sara’s photos. You two sure know how to pick out an amazing location. Who are these crazy people who choose to label you both anyway? You are free, you’re together, you can move to wherever on earth you choose to go, and you did! Sending huge hugs to both of you.

    • Oh, Joanne, how wonderful to hear from you! Isn’t it gorgeous? I suppose you’ve seen Sara’s photos on Facebook or Blipfoto. We’ve been so busy, I haven’t even had a chance to look at what she posted. She started language school yesterday, by the way. Hugs to you, as well!

      • Yes, Sara added some simply glorious photos on Facebook. There was one in particular, looking along the street toward the not-so-distant mountains. It took my breath away.

      • Oh, Joanne, the mountains here are stunning! I expected they would be, but when you see them against the sky here, one that is so alive, you’re left breathless, for sure. Hope you’ll come visit us here!

  4. Wonderful Kathy and congrats on everything! You would be happy to know that my state is becoming the 12th in the country to allow gay marriage! Being signed into law
    Today! I’m so proud if MN!

  5. Thank you for catching us up about ALL that’s been happening in your life! It’s such a thrill to read about your marriage and your new home in Ecuador. Can’t wait to read more stories in the upcoming months. (You’re not crazy–you’re living the LIFE! My opinion, anyway.)

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Kathy! It’s been thrilling for us, as well. Actually, beyong thrilling. Hope you’re beginning to see a bit of spring in your part of the world. Hugs to you!

  6. It sounds wonderful to me! What a beautiful city…that I never knew existed until you decided to move there! I look forward to hearing all about it, when you get a chance. Your home looks lovely…but looking for something long term is yet another challenge, isn’t it? You guys are up for it, I’m sure! Great photos…thank you for the update1

    • I’m delighted to hear from you, Cindy! It truly is a lovely city–more so than we could have imagined. And the people have been so incredibly kind and genrous. Yes, it is a bit more of a challenge to look for a long-term home. But we’re up for it. Hope your week goes well!

  7. I don’t think you’re crazy at all, obvioiusly. My move was nearly as crazy as yours. It hasn’t been easy but I have no regrets :) Great pics!

    • OMG, Heather, your move was EVERY bit as crazy as ours! I know things in South Africa haven’t always been easy, but, gosh, you’ve handled the challenges briliantly. And glad you like the photos. Thanks so much!

  8. Sounds very close to South of Crazy Town! Love you! M.

    Mindy Shannon Phelps Communications, LLC 238 McDowell Road Lexington, KY 40502 859-619-1642

    • Oh, Mindy, I’m tickled to hear from you! Heard you were home from “Crazy Town.” Hope your dad is doing well. I’ll call you one of these days. We each have a Magic Jack that allows us to make free calls to the US, and eventually will allow you to call us for free, as well. That latter part is still in process, as we each wanted to keep our same US numbers. Hugs to you and Grant and the dogs. Miss you and love you, too!

  9. If what you guys are doing is crazy it’s in the best way possible. It looks beautiful sounds delightful and all in all is an amazing adventure. I’m so glad to hear you’re happy and settling in and in love with all of it. Looking forward to you having some time for more regular blogs.

    • Oh, Lisa, I, too, am wanting more time to dedicate to writing and posting. It’s felt strange to be so out of the loops. I’ve been blogging regualarly for so long, that I’ve missed it. But there was no way to make this move and write regularly–at least not anything worth reading. Happy spring to you, in your chilly part of the world! And congrats on the yesterday’s milestone legislation! Hoorray for Minn!

      • Chilly is all in the mind. It was in the low 40’s last night, supposed to get up into the 90’s this afternoon and then back down into the 40’s tonight. We have it all!

      • Oh, yes, it IS all in ones head! Don’t you just know the weather will be weird! Here in Cuenca it’s nearly impossible to predict–something to do with ecuatorial elevation. God knows I don’t understand it–yet!

  10. Ummmmmmmm, I’m coming to visit! I LOVE your temp house! I’m so excited for you…. I have a soft spot in my heart for beautiful leaps of faith. In answer to your question, a few years ago, I sold all of my stuff in order to move to LA to help a non profit start up…. I never worked with the non profit, but I did choose homelessness (car camping) and started grad school as well….. I’m still not sure if I like the end result….but I do believe everything happens for a reason. I do sort of crave down sizing again for a wacky move to Paris though. Even though I’m broke and don’t know any French. It sounds kind of dreamy to me.

    So happy for you!

    Thanks for sharing and do have a lovely day in perpetual spring,

    • I’m with you, Currie. I FIRMLY believe all things happen for a reason. And somehow you made the right decision. It’s all part of your ever-evolving story. Love the image of “car camping!” That is SO, SO perfect! Hugs to you, my dear! May Paris be yours ever so soon!

  11. Cuenca is stunning! I’m wondering how you guys are adjusting to the altitude. I learned that it’s 8300′ above sea level – man, just visiting Tara in Ely at 6000′ was a challenge. But I’m sure you’ll adapt, as you two always do. Nice to hear from you again – looking forward to further adventures!

    • Oh, Mark, I’m delighted to hear from you, too. We’ve had no real issues adjusting to the altitude. Sara only had a headache for one day. I’ve been fine. I, too, am looking forward to further adventures–both actual and virtual. It feels good to return to blogging. I missed it! Hugs to you and Tara!

  12. You and Sara are two of the most amazing people I ever had the pleasure to meet. The pictures are so clear it looks unreal. Your temp house is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the permanent one in person. Ecuador has become a must visit place on our agenda.

    • We are looking forward to a visit from you and Colleen! Wish you all could have come and stayed with us in this lovely colonial home in the center of town. Our permanent place will be a bit less grand, but we’ll have a room for you! Great to hear from you, David!

  13. This is a GREAT catch up post!

    I love your semi-defiant, cat that ate the canary, smart ass expression in line at the airport. Man oh man oh man oh man — I bet the agent that got you gals for check-in spent quite some time pulling her eyebrows back out of her hairline with your many suitcases and four-leggeds!

    As you know from reading my post, we’re getting ready to move, but don’t know where yet. It feels oh-so LIBERATING!

    • I know that feeling of liberation. It must come with new beginnings. I was excited to hear you were moving as well. ANd I’m SO glad your leg has healed. Hope you’ll come visit us in Cuenca. We’d love to have you!

      Oh, the lady at the airport was a bit challenged by all our stuff, to say the least. I felt sorry for the poor woman!

    • Thanks, my dear! How wonderful to hear from you. I swear, it is, indeed, beautiful here–unbelievably so! I can’t wait to start writing about Ecuador and this next chapter in our great adventure! Hugs to you!

  14. So happy for both of you! (and the pups too!) Your new digs look amazing and perpetual spring sounds like heaven to me. :)

    I don’t know that I’d call your move crazy … certainly very brave. ;) But having recently taken a big leap myself, I can understand to a degree.

    Congrats and big hugs to all! :D

    • Oh, delighted to hear from you D. Didn’t know you had made a change. I’ve been so out of the loop the past few months, it’s sad. The move overwhelmed everything else. And I swear, the weather here is perfect–or as damn near close as I’ve ever experienced. Hugs to you, too!

  15. Crazy is behavior that is out of the norm, Sista! This is completely normal for you and Sara, so it is NOT nutty in any way. Brave and adventurous, yes. I admire that about you and your newly wedded wife. Lord knows I am WAY too cautious to ever even think about what you two just made happen! The craziest thing I’ve ever done is visit these two people I’d never met before and stay in their house for two nights. Perhaps you’ve heard of that? ;) Love you and Sara so much and am so happy you two are doing so well!

    • You totally crack me up, Sista! I swear, we just love you all, as well. And damn, I’m glad you came to visit when you did. Now the real question–when are you all gonna plan a trip to Ecuador? Gosh, we’d love to have you. Think what fun we’d have! And the weather is PERFECT! Hugs to you, my dear. We love you both!

  16. Having met you and Sara, I can say with authority that you guys have a firm grip on can-do spirit and that’s something I, a committed rut-ist, admire very much. You guys rock. Cuenca looks beautiful. Love this update!

    • OMG, you forever make me laugh–a rut-ist! Now that’s a great term! And tell you what, Sara and I loved our day with you so much. Felt like I’d known you forever. Still hoping you’ll come visit us in Ecuador! We’d have a such fun. An international documentary film festival begins here tomorrow. And guess what? It’s FREE! Hope we see you again soon! Hugs to you, buddy, from both of us!

      • Possibly the festival is free to all non-Spanish speakers. Or is that the cynical New Yorker in me thinking while typing? Keep posting these great pictures of Ecuador and I just might eventually accept the invitation. It did feel very natural hanging out with you guys, too.

      • No, no, you NY cynic, you! It was advertised as free on the “Gringo” website! And, no, that’s not a set-up to get us there and then make us pay! We’ll keep sharing photos–especially in hopes that you will come visit! And bring a friend!!!!!

      • Milton and I were invited to a weekend getaway in the Hamptons for years, but it took us forever to accept the invitation, we’re such barnacles to our home base. We finally got around to going two years ago. We had a great time even though he fell in the ocean. I’ll start working on him to go with me to Cuenca. Pencil us in your calendar for 2015, but Lucy and Ralph will be a huge draw. He loves dogs.

  17. What was that line from the A-Team…ah yes “Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.” So wonderful that all is going well and that you love your new home…as I said you can bet that I’ll make it there sometime…need to get back to my Spanish lessons…take good care you two…and look forward to hearing more about your adventures in your new home.

    • We are counting on a visit from you, Charlie! It will give you lots of new things to write about–though I’ve never known you to run short on topics. Get workin’ on that Spanish, my friend!

  18. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Ecuador! We moved constantly when I was a child…I went to 9 different schools in 12 years! All in the same country, but there were a few crazy moves, like when my dad moved us overnight to Windhoek when my sister was a baby. So, I guess I am a bit moved out for now…maybe one day, when my kids are out of school!
    All the best in your new home!

    • Okay, Gertie, I’m gonna have to go back and read your posts about Peru. Hope you had an amazing visit!

      I imagine one can’t do too much in the way of radical moves when you have kids to think about. It’s great to hear from you! I’d love to know more about that over-night move!

  19. Wonderful to hear from you and congratulations (on selling, moving, but most of all, marrying!). Here’s to new adventures and no dull moments! Happy to hear you are settling and I think I speak for all of your followers when I tell you we understand your recent absences and will be ready to listen when you are ready to write!

    • Oh, thanks, Deanna! I’m glad folks won’t abandon me. ANd I can’t wait to start writing more about Ecuador. LOVE the line–here’s to no dull moments! How funny. Great to hear from you, my friend!


    I have never done anything wacky. Thought about it. Dream about it. Don’t do it. :( But for now I will live vicariously through the two of you. You sure make life look grand. :)

    • But you and David live life with fullness! And we love that about you! In fact, when we were moving, Sara said to me, “I know who will definitely be willing to come visit us in Ecuador.” When I asked who, she said, “The Browns–Colleen and David, of course.” So we’re countin’ on you all! Hugs to you, sweetie, from both of us!

  21. Hooray! I’m so glad that you posted this update. I think of you and Sara daily and hope you are enjoying your new adventure. I am also glad to see that Ralph and Lucy handled the trip well, and it looks like they have a lovely yard to explore.
    Did I read correctly that Sara is starting language school? Let her know that I fully expect her to be my translator when I come to visit! :)
    Looking forward to more updates.

    • Oh, yes, Sara began language school on Monday–4 hours a day for 6 weeks. I’ll share your expectation with her. I’m sure she’ll do well by you. Hope you and your friend will make plans to visit soon! It’s so great to hear from you, Jackie! ANd thank you for sharing our wedding story on your blog! Loved it!

    • Thanks so much, Sprinkles! Unfortunately, we won’t get to stay in this house long-term. It’s a bit to expensive. However, we think we may have found our permanent home yesterday. I’ll let everyone know asap! You’re a sweetie!

  22. Kathy, What amazing photos! My favorites are the last two of Cuenca. Never imagined it to be so beautiful and that cathedral reminds me of some I’ve seen in Europe. So majestic! Welcome back to the blogging world. We’ve missed you!

  23. Thanks for sharing the adventure Kathy. Best wishes to you and Sara from the other side of the world. I hope to read more of your adventures – amazing or otherwise – in the weeks to come. :)

    • Oh, thank you so much. I appreciate your stopping by. Ones ability to travel vast distances via the blogospher is amazing, isn’t it?! I’ll look forward to your return. I’ll return the visit, as well! Love making new friends! Hope your week is going well.

  24. I am just so happy to see you back in my e-mail, I rush over to read you and with giddy delight look at pictures of your blissful (crazy) move through weddings, airports and explorations of your new home. I told you I was going to live vicariously through you! Thankfully you are back and I can do so.

    Everything looks so wonderful. Causes me to want to pack a bag and head off for adventures of my own. Can’t wait for more.

    • Oh, Val, I’m SO HAPPY to hear from you, as well! Yes, I’m back–trying to be back, at least. Still a lot of settling to do, and we need to find a long=term place to live. But I’m making every effort to dip back into the blogosphere. Hope you’re doing well, my friend! Hope you’ll visit us in Ecuador one of these days!

    • How wonderful to hear from you, Sandy! In fact, having lived in Vietnam and Haiti, Sara and I have both been amazed at how incredibly clean it is here. The city government has folks out cleaning the streets 7 days a week.

      Yes, Cuena is easy to pronouce, but only after it’s explained–Kwenka. However, that “e” is the middle is more like a long a–as in ate.

      Hope your mom is feeling better today!

      • Thanks! I never would have puzzled out the pronounciation. It sounds musical–something I can dance to with my cats.
        And thanks, Mom is better today.

      • Thanks so much for your comment, Sandy. I am trying to catch up and begin blogging again. Sorry it has taken me to long to respond. Glad your mom was feeling better. I need to get over to your blog to see what you’ve been up to!

  25. What a happy post Kathryn. I’m so glad you included pictures of you and Sara before during and after arriving.

    Your new home looks so bright and modern. Its exactly the kind of home I’d like to live in – a nice cool easy to clean tile floor and sliding wooden doors and minimal furniture.

    Are those 10 suitcases all you moved with? No furniture or linen or kitchen shit?

    To answer your question about crazy moves: We emigrated from Africa to a cold northern country which never seen before, and we never regretted it. Sometimes “gut” feelings are all one needs.

    • Good question, Rosie! Two of the suitcases actually contained kitchenware and bedding, linens, etc. We are shipping a twenty foot container once we’ve established residency. There’s a window of time after that that one can bring in a container, duty free. However, we sold nearly all of our furniture. The container will bring mostly books and art–and the makings of my studio. Oh, and additional kitchenware, as Sara LOVES to cook.

      Yes, that was a big move! You know how it feels; I’d forgotten. Sometimes–mostly–our guts are right! Amen, my friend! Hope you’ve gotten some rest!

  26. Congratulations to you and Sara, Kathy! Looks like a very happy whirlwind life you’re living. :) The craziest move I ever made may well be the current one. The jury is still out.

    • I have finally made it over to your other blog–the one that is picking up where Life in the Bogs left off. Looks like a beautiful place, and it sounds like you are beginning to get settled. Sorry it has taken me so long to get to these comments!

  27. Congratulations again! And congratulations on the successful move also! Love the pictures. MORE PLEASE! (esp. now that you have a fancy camera and live in the middle of a beautiful town!) I also love the new heading picture for the blog. Here’s to new beginnings for you two newlyweds!

    • Thanks so much, Lin. Great to hear from you! Sara and I are beginning to get settled in our new home, and some of our furniture even arrived over the weekend. I have a new post up this morning. Trying to get back to blogging again!

  28. So much change and adventure in such a short time. And I know you wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m glad you’re settling in happily. Cuenca looks like a beautiful place. That cathedral is enormous! I can’t wait to hear more from you as things settle down.

    • Oh, Terri, I’m so happy to hear from you! And please forgive me for not responding sooner. We have finally moved into our new house, and furniture arrived over the weekend. Now I should be able to get down to writing again–now that I have something to sit in.

    • Thanks, Frank. It’s wonderful to hear from you. Now we have moved into our move long-term rental, and I am trying to get back to blogging. Wish me luck! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your comment, but we finally got furniture over the weekend, so now that I have something to sit on, maybe I’ll do better!

      • No need to apology – after all, moving is always time consuming … let alone when different countries on different continents are involved. Get settled first!

  29. It’s good to hear from you and see the photos. Are you sure it was only a “semi-scene” at the airport?

    You house looks gorgeous. How exciting everything seems. I’ll have to live vicariously through you. We’d never have the guts to do it.

    Keep the posts coming when you have the time.

    • Oh, Christine, I’m so thrilled to hear from you! And I apologize for not responding to your comment sooner. However, we have now moved into our long-term home here in Cuenca–a move that that has kept me busy. And we didn’t have furniture until this past weekend! I hope you are doing well. I think of you so often, and am so sorry about your parents!

    • To be honest, being married doesn’t feel much different than not. However, it does give us some legal rights here in Ecuador that we wouldn’t have in Kentucky. Ecuador recognized gay civil unions, which is more than most states in the US do. I’m so, so happy to hear from you, Nora!!!

  30. This is a bit late but CONGRATULATIONS !! On your wedding and your move , I knew you were moving but I had no idea you were getting married too , I have been a bit distracted from my blogging lately ! Looking forward to reading more about your new home .. I love the picture of the Cathedral by the way ! Xx Kel

    • Ha,ha! Love it! No wonder you’re distracted. A baby! If anyone understands “distracted” these days, it’s me. It’s so hard to keep up with blogging during big transitions in life. Thanks so much for your comment. Great to hear from you, Kel. And hugs to you, as well, my friend.

  31. so sorry i missed this but glad to read it now. i loved the airport photo! ugh, getting from a to be to c and then di is often tiring! the house you rented is precious! i look forward to updated!

    i returned home two nights ago and it feels great to be home after being on the road for almost all of june. i’ll be returning to town later this morning, as my cupboards are bare.

    have you found the nearby ‘banos’ yet? go to hostal duran’s piscinas when you need a really good immersion in thermal waters – i think the day pass is about five dollars, well worth the comfort of those pools! go in the middle of the week before school is out, and it’s almost as if it’s your own place!

    • No, we have not been, yet. Suppose we haven’t had time. But we will definitely visit.

      I’m glad to hear you are home and getting resupplied with food.

      Right now we are considering a trip to the coast–probably a pet-friendly place in Crucita, so we can take our dogs with us to the beach. Do you live near there? Also, do you have a place you could recommend? We want to simply chill on the beach. I love to scavenge for shells. It’s one of my great joys. We need the place to be affordable. We are looking at Cabanas Vista Mar, near Crucita and La Boca.

      Hugs to you, dear Z! Hope to see you one day soon!

      • i stay at hostal cruzita, and they are probably wondering if i am out of the country. my path hasn’t taken me through there in about 9 months.

        raul and gina are very sweet; i do now know what their policy is about dogs.. they have several big labs in the back that are very affectionate.. but i don’t know how they are w/other dogs.

        their rooms i think are about 18 a night per person.. the pent house probably rents by the week or month..
        the pent house has a basic little kitchen and a pretty little room with a wall of windows overlooking the ocean. there should be a banda ancha cable there for internet. wifi is in the restaurant area and by chance in some of the rooms…

        i have never stayed anywhere else! scroll down on this post and you’ll see a few photos of the restaurant area a dn the second floor ‘deck’ where i usually sit and connect via wifi.

        i’m hoping to go there in the next two weeks if the tramites for my visa are ever ready for that final step!

      • Thanks for this information, Lisa! We too are waiting for visas. We’ve pretty much decided after a trip to immigration yesterday to postpone our trip to the beach, as folks there said we might have our residency visas in 2 or 3 weeks. Then we can get our Cedulas shortly afterward. I think we will wait till a bit later in the summer to travel. Once we have the Cedulas we can go ahead and send for our container and go to the beach while we are waiting for it. I will check out the hostal. Looks lovely from the photos you posted. Thanks, again.

  32. Congratulations on your wedding and your move, Kathy! Sounds very exciting! I’m wondering why you chose Cuenca, Ecuador. I know nothing about South America except that it sounds intriguing. Just curious.

    • Okay, Marianne, please forgive how long it’s taken for me to get to these comments. I have no real excuse outside of craziness of our move. Don’t know that I know a whole lot about SA either, but I will be writing about what I’m discovering along the way. Hope you are well!

  33. Kathy! I’m finally able to catch up with your blogging adventures. I have dedicated the next whatever-amount-of-time-it-takes to catch up on the posts I missed, starting with this one.

    First of all, HUGE kudos to following your gut and moving to Ecuador, in spite of reason and what other people thought. This is amazingly inspiring! Marty and I have actually been toying with the idea of moving to Ecuador as well (!!!), but I don’t think I’d be brave enough to do it, sight unseen. Maybe we’ll just have to plan a trip down there to suss it out, with you and Sara acting as our knowledgeable guides. :) Can’t wait to read your other posts! xx, Dana

    • It’s wonderful to hear from you, Dana. And PLEASE come visit us in Ecuador. It’s an incredible country and amazingly affordable compared to North America! We have plenty of room. You all are welcome anytime. Just let us know!

    • How fascinating to hear you lived in Quito as a child. I can see why you miss it. What a gorgeous city. And I’m so excited you want to come back again. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

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