Leaving the Land of Chrome and Touch Screens (Huge News in this Post!)

It’s taken at least a year longer than we’d expected.   But Sara and I are moving overseas again.

Though we knew we’d miss Port-au-Prince terribly, when we returned to the US from Haiti some 20 months ago, at first we were happy to be home.  We enjoyed the luxuries of electricity around the clock and uninterrupted hours with family for the first time in two years—one spent in Vietnam, another on the western third of Hispaniola.

But our joy at reuniting with old friends and familiar places, only lasted for 6 months or so, and finally, after a year of sabbatical and periodic assignments researching and writing about poverty housing, ones Sara completed from home, we were aching to get back overseas.

Now—8 months after that—we’ve nearly taken to running laps around our Lexington living room—longing for new responsibilities, ones not so near the confines of computer desk and comfort called Kentucky.  Kroger and Trader Joes offer an abundance of luxury grocery products, but we prefer to purchase fewer processed and pre-packaged items.  We don’t need so many options when it comes to onions, napkins, Corn Flakes, kale.


Kroger grocery store in Lexington, Kentucky

We long for markets that are open-air, not quite so tame—less regularly-rowed and rigidly right angled.  The grid was great for the short-term.  In the long run, we wanted wild.  We craved the crazy of a wider world—thick with options and deep with possibility.

So my partner Sara and I are selling our home—a downtown, Victorian version of domestic bliss right in the heart of race horse breeding and bourbon brewing country.

Good-bye Kentucky.

Hello Ecuador.

Yes, you read that right.  Sara and I are moving from Lexington, Kentucky to a town of similar size but different altitude—not to mention latitude.

We are moving to Cuenca, Ecuador—high in the foothills of the Andes, far from American abundance and sometimes greed.

We’ve secured the income necessary to live in Latin America whether or not Sara has an assignment, as Ecuador itself is highly affordable by US standards.  Our house here will go on the market.  We’ll study Spanish.  We’ll sell everything but books and art—both of which we’ll ship to Ecuador.  (I’ll pray my father’s FBI file arrives before we leave.)

So, stay tuned for weekly updates on our progress toward departure.  We hope you will couch-surf with us via laptop and wi-fi to the wildness of Incan highlands and attempts to untame my more domesticated American way of life.

We are reinventing yet another event horizon.  This time it’s Ecuador.  This time it’s the American in me, leaving the land of chrome, the high-tech of touch screens.

Have you ever used a move to reinvent yourself?  What questions do you have about our upcoming adventure?

Don't even ask about the spatula!

Preparing our home for the market.  Don’t even ask about the spatula!

Note:  I’ve been working nearly around the clock in an effort to prepare our home for listing—some nights staying up till 2:30 am and getting up to begin again only three hours later.  I’m going days at a time without even checking my email or Facebook—unheard of behavior for me.  It’s been an incredible sprint, since we can’t move until our home sells.  Please be patient with me.  I’ve read nearly no posts in several weeks.  But I DO hope to update my blog weekly, so I can keep you abreast of our progress.  I love and miss you all.

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138 thoughts on “Leaving the Land of Chrome and Touch Screens (Huge News in this Post!)

    • This is a great question and one I plan to devote at least an entire post to. The reasons are many, as you might guess. Among them are a long-time love of Latin America, a bit of experience with Spanish, the friendliness of the Ecuadorian people, friends who live there, etc, etc.

  1. This must be what friendship is like, because I got so pumped up and happy and ready for you just reading about this newest adventure. Glad we’ll get to read along the way!

    • Oh, Tori, thank you! We are terribly excited. Also, we are hoping to make it to Nashville before we leave–hoping to visit my cousin and see you and your family. And we hope you will come visit us in Ecuador. We will ALWAYS have room for you all!

  2. YESSSSS! I am so excited for you, Kathy! Amazing, amazing news. Obviously you know my answer to your questions above :)

    I can barely contain my excitement for you, seriously.

  3. I’m so excited! David and I have already looked at the costs of flying to see you! :) Do you need help? We could make a Kentucky weekend to come and help before you leave!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is SO exciting. I’m glad you are taking us with you.

    • Colleen, you are so, so dear! We may very well be able to use some help at some point–perhaps, the weekend of our yard sale–moving sale. Won’t know when that will be until the house sells. ALso we are planning a trip to Ohio and PA before we leave. We love you all! Can’t wait for you to visit Cuenca. Won’t we have fun?!

  4. So very excited for you b/c I can feel the vibrancy of this move in your words :) Best wishes on a happy, successful move and for a great high speed connection there to keep us all abreast of your adventures! :)

    • How great to hear from you, MJ! I know I keep repeating myself in these comments, but it bears repeating–we are SOOOOOOO excited! One of the reasons we chose Cuenca, is because we are guaranteed good broadband there. It’s not available everywhere in Ecuador. I can’t wait to blog from there! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    • Oh, thank you for the award! I will check it out right now. I’m afraid I won’t have time to do a post entirely dedicated to accepting it right now–but I will try to include it in one I do about Ecuador. Heading over to read right now! Thanks again. I’m honored!

    • Yes, this is going to be a “blast”–as we used to say. Fortunately we don’t live in the suburbs, but in downtown–but we are incredibly excited to experience something a bit less tame–a new version of urban–and an entirely different version of rural, as well. Thanks for sharing our enthusiasm, Jeff! Great to hear from you, my friend!

  5. A new adventure! Like everyone else i find myself cheering your on and wishing you wonder and delight in yet another new country. I also hope the change of pace (literally) fuels your writing. Fingers crossed on the FBI file. Looking forward to hearing about Ecuador!

    • Wonderful to hear from you today, Lisa! I suspect that you are absolutely correct–that this new experience–this change of pace–will, indeed, fuel all kinds of creativity. Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed about the FBI file! Would you mind crossing your toes as well, while you are at it? LOL

  6. What an adventure! I’ll be following with keen interest. My sweetie and I have been considering a move to Costa Rica or Ecuador. We, too are getting our house ready for sale and will then take off to France for a long visit, way overdue, he has been missing “home” for quite a while now. We long, though, to move where there is no winter and where life is slower and saner and healthier. We actually have tentative plans, at the moment, for a month in Ecuador in 2014 renting a house with friends. Would love to hear more about “why Ecuador?”. Do try to maintain balance in your life while preparing for all of this. You don’t want to arrive worn out and needing to do nothing but rest the first couple of months you are there! Blessings to you and Sara.

    • Oh, wow, Joss, I had no idea that you were considering a move to Ecuador and are planning a trip next year. That’s awesome! We think that Ecuador is the new Costa Rica–in terms of affordable retirement destination–at least, that’s how we’ve described it to our families–still insanely affordable. We chose Cuenca for climate–eternal spring–on the equator, but at 8200 feet–termperate weather all year long. We will need to “chat” about all of this at some point!

  7. How ABSOLUTELY exciting!!! I’ve been off doing my school thing and haven’t kept up with the blogging world. Today I get a bit of a respite and the first blogging buddy I check in on is flying the coop and heading to ECUADOR! Woohoo!!! By the way, that is a place on my genuine bucket list to visit. In fact we have toyed with the idea of moving there (or Panama) but my children are here. At any rate, I will be keeping up with you (a bit sporadically until I graduate in Dec). Best wishes to you and Sara for great success, adventure, meaningful living and downright FUN!


    • How wonderful to hear from you, Cecelia! I know how busy you are with school. I’m delighted to have you stop by whenever you happen to get a breather. Hope you will stop by again when I write about why we chose Ecuador–and Cuenca–more specifically. How cool that you might consider doing somthing similar. One of the reasons we chose Ecuador is that it is SO insanely affordable, that we will have the funds to visit the US frequently and the cash to bring family to visit us. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs to you, as well!

    • Oh, thank you, Debra! Won’t it be fun?! I simply can’t wait to write about Ecuador. I’m so sorry I have been missing so many of your posts recently. As soon as we get settled, things should return to normal. Those of us with “expat blogs” need to stick together. LOL

  8. While I’m happy for you, I’m all pouty and sad.
    Best of luck with the sale of your home! I’ll be mailing your gifts, however late, the end of this week. I’ve had some unforeseen delays. 2013 is turning out to be one of adventure for you and endless stops and starts for me!

    • Oh, sweetie, please don’t worry about gifts. We are hoping to make a trip to Cleveland to visit you all as soon as our house sells. Would that be okay with you? Have no idea yet when that will be. Plus, you all are going to have to visit Ecuador. You will have a free place to stay! Hugs and love to you, Sista!

      • OF COURSE it’s okay to visit us!!!!!!!!! I would pee my pants with delight! Come and stay with us and our crazy kids and equally crazy (however curmudgeonly the older she gets) dog!

      • Cool! I have to comfess that the first time I glanced at your comment without fully reading it, I thought you were talking about yourself in the final sentence–essentially calling yourself a bitch. Thank God, I read again.

        Will you require Depends? LOL

  9. As someone that’s been reading Reinventing for going on two years and knowing how much you’ve missed Haiti, it doesn’t surprise me at all that you guys are uprooting from the comfy life here in the US to take on a new life in a foreign land. I am thrilled for you and Sara and look forward to reading what comes next. As much as I regret that I may never meet you personally, since I am such a barnacle to the US, it is cool to know that my circle of friends is getting more and more global. Hey, I’ve got my name dropping New Yorker side and look forward to saying, “Well, according to my friend, Kathy ,who lives in Ecuador, blah blah, blah blah blah …” One question of vital importance: what are you going to do with your endless supply of beloved cat food cans?

    • Okay, Smary Pants, your comment made both Sara and me laugh out loud. I shall bequeath my cat food cans to the first worth crafter who requests them. They are available. Sara would degenerate in a homicidal rage should I try to take them! Okay, maybe not quite–but almost.

      I’m afraid you may have to endure meeting us one of these days, as Sara and I hope to visit NYC in the next several years–on one of our trips back to the us to visit family in Kentucky. Two years living in Manahattan was not nearly enough for Sara.

  10. Wow. Big and exciting news indeed!!! Good luck with everything and we will look forward to reading about your newadventure in a new chapter of your life!!!

    • Oh, thank you, Lin! How great to hear from you! We, too, are excited about this new chapter. Can’t wait to write about Ecuador. Sorry to have not been by your place recently. It’s been a crazy time in my life. Hopefully things will settle down once we get moved.

      • You don’t ever have to worry about not visiting!!! I found your adventures much more exciting. :-) And again, good luck with getting ready and everything. Many of us are looking forward to living through you vicariously. :-)

  11. You’re right! This is HUGE news! I’m so excited for you and Sara. While I’ve come to think of you as permanent fixtures in Kentucky, I’m happy to hear that you’re off on a new adventure. And what an amazing adventure this will be! You are both so brave to continue to push past your comfort zones.

    What made you choose Ecuador?

    • Thanks, Jackie! Great question–about why Ecuador. I think my next post will address that very issue. There are so many reasons–everything from climate to culture. Can’t wait to share them all with everyone. Thanks for asking! Good to hear from you today. Hope you have a lovely week! Greetings to Reggie!

  12. WOW! What an adventure! I’m happy for you both because I know this is another experience in your blessing-filled life. Please take lots of pictures! Tell you what, I’ll trade pictures from Kentucky (when I’m there visiting -haha!) if you’ll post pictures from Equador. Deal?!

    Your mention of Haiti warms my heart, as always, and especially on the eve of the earthquake’s third anniversary. When I was there in October, I was once again reminded of the Haitian people’s resilience and never-ending hope. I also learned this weekend that both schools that I worked on (Petionville and Leveque) are part of an up-and-coming technology program with the United Methodist Church. Computer labs will be installed and education courses will be offered not only to students, but to the entire community. Now THAT is something to be proud of.

    Safe travels! Send pictures!
    Big hugs to you,

    • How great to hear from you, Nicole! So happy to hear you mention Haiti. This is the first time in several years I’ve not done a post on the anniversary of the quake. Love hearing about the project you all worked on! Terrific that the classes are being offered to the entire community.

      And thanks for offering your Kentucky photos when you get back here. How fun that we have both the Blue Grass and Haiti in common! I hope visit you place/blog again soon!

    • Yes, we are considering this a permanent move. However, I suspect we will come home to visit family in Kentucky at least once a year. Wish you could help, as well–though I’m not sure how! I’ll let you know if I think of anything you can do all the way in Canada! LOl Thanks, dear chris!

  13. I’m very excited for you both! There’s a bit of the gypsy in all of us, I think, and – if we allow it – we can gain so much from the new adventures it brings. Good luck and very best wishes in getting your house sold!

    • Thanks, Cindy! I suspect both Sara and I have good-sized gypsies in each of us. Good thing we share that, right? Thanks especially for wishing us well getting our house sold! We have someone who is interested already, but we’ll have to see what happens. Stay tuned!

  14. hey! hoo-rah!!!! it’s great to read this great news, and i SO look forward to when you make that change of latitude! please let me know when you plan to head this way!

    don’t feel you have to reply to this – your hands are full with other obligations!


  15. I’d say moving to the Portland area was a reinvention for me. Not quite as exotic as Ecuador, but after spending 8 years in the Bay Area it was a much different pace of life: slower, less expensive, more scenic. Plus, my wife-at-the-time and I were expecting our first baby, and I had a big, fat promotion. It was definitely Phase 2 of my life. (Of course, now I’m on Phase 3, but that’s another story).

    I’m sad that Tara and I won’t have the opportunity to visit you in Lexington, but it sounds like a fantastic opportunity, and you two are they types who not only crave adventure, but NEED it. Best of luck and I’m hoping your house sells quickly!

  16. WOWSA!!! I just got back from Ecuador — and I know you will love it there! Cuenca is a great city … not too big, not too small, and there are TONS of Americans living in Ecuador as I am sure you know. Your house will sell in a minute — I have no doubts!! — and I wish you all happiness and joy in your new adventure!! Keep in touch with us … and even though I despise moving and domestic change of any kind (but obviously I crave travel), I always seem to be moving every 10 years…. and then, I’m so happy I did. Bon voyage!!!!

    • I know you were just in Ecuador. Loved the photos you shared. Pretty much know when I read your posts that we were going, but wasn’t free to share that yet.

      By the way, before we leave the country, once our house sells, we will likely make a trip to Atlanta to visit Habitat friends. Would love to meet you while we’re there.

  17. would love to chat with you sometime about this, maybe once your house is listed. My hubby is very interested in this. I’m on Skype! Great adventures are ahead. Now I’m off to check the two links that other folks left here in comments.

  18. Kathryn, I am new to your blog and visited due to the stellar recommendations of Angela Christine Archer. She was not wrong. Your blogs AND friends are quite interesting to read. I wanted to let you know that I empathize with your selling your home. I sold mine of forty years in 2011. I hope you don’t take as long to recover from the preparation to sell as I did. It took me nearly a year to get back to normal. So much to do, and mostly little stuff. I tried to do it all myself. Try to take advantage of any help offered. It will keep you sane. Here’s wishing that when the move is all done that your time in Cuenca is so full of adventures and fun that you will not experience any homesickness as I did. God Bless and keep on blogging. You have a new viewer!

    • How great to hear from you, Jeff! I’m so happy you stopped by! You offer good advice about being willing to accept help. I need to learn to do more of that. Our situation was insanely quick, as my brother is a realtor, but is trying to find a buyer without us having to actually list. He called out of the blue and asked if he could bring someone by in a week, so we had to go full steam ahead. I think the person is pretty seriously interested, as he brought his electrician by on Friday to look at upgrades that need to be made. We’ll see. Thanks so much for wishing us God’s blessings! We whole-heartedly accept!

    • Thanks, Gertie. It’s going to be an exciting process, I’m sure. Can’t wait to share how it all goes and what we learn along the way. Great to hear from you today! Hope you have a wonderful week, my friend.

  19. I’ve been wait, Wait, WAITING for you to let the proverbial cat out of the bag every since you said some interesting news is coming down the pike. And me, oh my, it’s a BIG cat! The perfect size for you and Sara. I’m beyond excited for both of you.

    Now hear me on on this miss Kathy. Have you ever heard of “Sink a Joe, shift a shack?” Well I’m here to tell you it’s true. You need to get a statue of Joseph (your local Catholic store will have one), and then you need to bury (yes, I said bury) Joseph, UPSIDE DOWN in your yard. Why? This will sell your house fast, Fast, FAST. I’m sooooo not kidding!

    Your local Catholic store probably has a house selling kit with Joseph already in it (just follow the direction). Or, you can look online.

    Trust me – I know these things….

  20. Can`t WAIT to hear all about it! And see pictures and see how your art changes and hear all about Sara`s goings on and read about the Spanish which is much easier than French and Japanese and see how you like eating guinea pigs.

    • Thanks, Emily! I know–the whole guinea pig thing kind of freaks me out. However, it’s not quite as bad as some of the stuff they eat in Japan, right? I can’t think now what it was, but it seems there were some strange-by-American-standard dishes! Can’t wait to hear about Canada from you, as well!

  21. I know I should be excited, Kathy, but frankly, I’m a little sad. I hope this doesn’t mean your blogging days are over. That you’re not in some little hut in the mountains with no electricity. I’d miss you so much, so put me out of my misery and say it ain’t so!

    • Oh, bless your heart, Monica! I will NOT StOP BLOGGING! In fact, being there will provide all the more reason to blog. We chose to be in town like Cuenca so we could be guaranteed good broadband. In fact, I have a blogging friend who lives in another part of Ecuador who says she saves some of her tasks that require the best access until she’s in Cuenca. So don’t worry, my friend.

  22. Not having been warned about waltzing into a grocery store after long months in a third world country, I backed out like a crab in fifth gear with my stomach and soul churning to the point of vomitus eruptus. It was weeks later and after much psychological preparation that I was finally able to walk into our kroger-like-fantasmagoric-grocery-place, select anything of my choice/imagination then write a check and go home with the goods. People who have never lived with the starving and impoverished have no idea of what I write, of what Kathy writes, of what we see on videos from others’ travels. Until you have stepped into their shanties, held tiny bodies that have lost all evidence of will to live and looked into the eyes/hearts of their mothers, you cannot feel nor grasp the vulgar conditions this world continues allow. Truthfully, I dont know what the answer is. WHAT IS THE ANSWER?

    • For whatever reason coming back from Haiti was the most disturbing–even more so than Vietnam or India or Thailand. I don’t know why. Maybe ones most recent experience seems the worst. Who knows.

      At any rate I was so overwhelmed on our first major trip to the grocery store back from PAP that I took tons of photos with my phone and exclaimed to Sara–“Do we really need so damn many choices?!”

      I don’t know the answer, JK. I really don’t. However, at the very least, perhaps, admitting we don’t know might be first step.

      Thanks for this great comment. So glad to know I wasn’t alone in my response. Even Sara didn’t seem as appalled as I was.

  23. How exciting!! I am going to enjoy reading all about your adventures. I recently moved from Florida to Washington in order to reinvent myself. People suggested that I “picked the furthest point”, but I have always had the itch to go much further. You are living what I love. Congratulations!!!

    • So glad you look forward to reading about our adventure. I suppose to go from Florida to Washington is to go from one geographic expreme to another. Hadn’t even thought of that. Hope your reinvention is going well! Great to hear from you!

  24. I have so many questions and I am so excited for you, a bit envious as well. I have always had a wanderlust, but dearly beloved is a homebody so my wanderlust is tapped down. Perhaps I will live vicariously through you and Sara for a bit if you don’t mind.

    Preparing a house, it is such work!! I don’t envy you this, not even a little tiny bit.

    I was jumping up and down in my chair for you! Wiggling a little bit. Thinking of begging, Take me Take me.

    You asked, did I ever reinvent myself through a move? Yes, I did. But not nearly such a one as you and Sara have taken on. Mine were through necessity and once through fear, to save my life.

    • Sorry to hear you once had to reinvent yourself out of fear. I suppose that’s not optimal—to say the least.

      Sara and I are fortunate that we both love to travel. I think it would be hard to have a partner who felt differently in that regard.

      However, we will look forward to you tagging along with us. Can’t wait to share the details with you. It’s even more fun to know that others are enjoying the journey vicariously!

      Great to hear from you!

  25. I am a little late in commenting but am so excited for you and Sara. Ecuador will be lucky to get you guys! I know that the house selling thing is very stressful so I am praying that you make it through it relatively unscathed and very successful in getting what you need to move on with your new lives in your new locale! I know you can do it. I am excited for the possibilities and the lives you are going to be touching there!!! Good on ya, Kathy and Sara!!! I will look forward to all you have to post about when you get there!!!

    • Oh, thank you, Beth Ann. We could use your prayers. We need peace. I need not to get overwhelmed. There’s a lot to do in the next few months.

      Also, I SO want to thank you for your idiomART purchase. We were able to put it in the mail this afternoon–and I threw in a little something as a bonus. Truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      And please keep praying!

  26. Amazing news as I admire your drive! Good news is that this place allows continued enlightenment while being able to keep in touch. Keep me posted once the housework is done … hopefully we can meet somewhere in between our cities for lunch.

    • I know, Claudia. Everyone has wondered what happened. I had to come clean before everyone got too worried. Thanks for sharing both your excitement and jealousy. I understand the jealousy part, as I’ve felt the same way about others who have gotten to have adventures recently, when none seemed yet to be in my immediate future. So great to hear from you!

  27. I am very excited and jealous. So to prepare the bathtub…you need to fill it up with hot water and bubbles and have a glass of champagne next to it. Then the buyers will think it looks inviting! Candles help too! :)

  28. This is fantastic! I am jealous of your adventurous lifestyle and hope one day I can do the same. It’s ironic you posted this post now as you know I too have moved recently…an hour from my previous home. But it is kind of an adventure moving in with my boyfriend for the first time and actually living on my own means and not a student loan. 2013 looks to be an exciting year for both of us!

    • I’m so happy to know the context of your recent move. I saw from your post yesterday or the say before that you had a new apartment, but I didn’t know you all had moved in together. Congrats, my friend!

    • Hey Renee, great to hear from you. Sorry it has taken me a few days to get to these comments.

      Unfortunately, I don’t see how I can do anything right now. I’m so sorry. I am simply swamped. However, I would love to do something once we get settled in Ecuador. I suspect it might be more interesting then–not to mention, allow me to maintain my sanity. LOL

      Please keep me in mind a few months from now. Thanks for asking.

  29. Amazing! I’m beyond impressed with your bravery, your willingness to shed all the comforts and conveniences of life in the U,S. for a life so completely foreign in so many ways. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  30. Dearest Kathryn…….I see from the other comments that your many fans and friends are rejoicing for you and Sara and your next adventure. Honestly and selfishly, I was stunned and my heart sank when I saw this post. UNTIL I saw that you will be keeping in touch with us from afar (right?). I have grown to love you both and had hoped to make it down to Kentucky for a visit……but budgetary restrictions and pets make that difficult. I will cast aside my own self-absorption long enough to say that I wish you two all the very best and I am excited for you both. You’re off…….to influence, brighten, change….the world. Please please please keep in touch. And please take care of your precious selves! Love and blessings, my dear friends. xoJulia

    • I’m so sorry you’re shocked. However, we’ve lived abroad more in recent years than we’ve lived in the US. You just happened to meet us at a slow time.

      However, we will make it back to the US at least once a year I’m sure–so, perhaps, we can still meet in person. Or you could visit us in Ecuador!

      Hugs and love to you, my friend, from both of us!

      • Oh, dear, please don’t think “shocked” is as crushing as it sounds…..just sorely disappointed….but I soon put my selfishness aside and realized that that’s what you ladies do! And just another part of the reason why so many of us adore you! I hope you both know that I wish you wonderful things and the very best adventure ever! Ecuador? Not out of the realm, by any means! Love and blessings to you both! Please, keep in touch! Kathryn, you have my email address, right? Well I penpal with several overseas friends…maybe you could email me your address when you get settled in? I would understand your not caring to penpal, as conditions may not be optimum and you too busy, but I could drop you a note….or maybe a pkg of things you find difficult to acquire there? Take good care, precious ones! xoJulia

  31. At the time I am commenting, you have 111 comments already! Lol. If my comment doesn’t get a reply, I will absolutely have no hurt feelings. But I wanted to send you both a bon voyage, and I can’t wait to hear more about your experiences in preparing for and living in Ecuador! This is extremely exciting for you both, and I am so glad that you were able to make this dream come true. Be safe, be brilliant, but above all (with thanks to Polonius) be you! :) Lots of love!

  32. I cant wait to hear about your new life in Ecuador ! My entire blog was started because of the major life change moving from the Gold Coast Qld to the top end of the Northern Territory – most of the changes have been for the better I reckon – just like when I moved to the Gold Coast all those years ago from my smaller home town of Albury NSW – its all happened for a reason and I’m looking forward to my next move ;)
    All the best with packing etc , hopefully ‘talk’ to you soon ! Xxx

    • Oh, Kel, so sorry I’ve not been by your place recently. It’s just a crazy time. Hope your pregnancy is going well. When are you due? You are right–moves make for great blogging! Take care, my friend.

  33. How exciting! I’m trying to convince my spouse to move to Central America. Not necessarily any time soon but someday. I want to experience life in another culture and learn to see things from a new perspective. I think it would be thrilling. Don’t get me wrong, I love the US but I only have one life to live and I want to try new things before I’m done!

      • We’re thinking Belize or Costa Rica. We’re not committed to anything yet though. We hope to travel in the area in coming years and maybe find someplace we love. We’re both avid kayakers and the pictures I’ve seen of both of those countries practically make me drool to kayak in the area.

  34. Kathy, this is so awesome!! Ecuador! Thank you for existing so we can live vicariously through you–well, that will depend on if you have internet service where you live. But even if you don’t, I’m sure you’ll get to a cafe ocassionally, yes? I sponsored a child in Ecuador for a few years. Her name was Antonella. (Don’t know exactly where she lives.) Had to say goodbye when she turned 18, but still sometimes think of her. Am so really really happy that you exist and that you’re living your life to its fullest potential (even with interim spells of restlessness). Way to go. Tell Sara I said “Way to go” too and have a blast!

  35. Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you and Sara!! What an adventure you will have! (Too many exclamation points??! lol!) I am looking forward to following you (albeit a week or two behind) as you blog from Ecuador. Since I can’t actually go with you, this will have to be the next best thing. (I keep wanting to get up and do a happy dance for you.)

  36. I’m reading backwards. What an exciting time.
    Hope your house sells quick-quick like my relative who put his house in Indiana on the market on Jan 8 and it sold on Jan 13th! They have a month to pack up.

  37. Congratulations again on such an exciting time, Kathy! I have my fingers crossed for a speedy home sale, and I wish all the best for you and Sara! :)

  38. You’ll be living in the Andes Mountains? I’ve heard stories of that area, of strange happenings and spiritual awakenings. Maybe it is the time for you both to further pursue these aspects of your lives! I haven’t read through all of the comments here, so hope I’m not asking the same question that has already been asked….how long do you envisage staying in Equador? It sounds like a fabulous adventure, although just a tad unnerving!

  39. Woah. WOW! This is huge and exciting! I will read on in order to find out more. Holy crap, I’m so happy for you. So much changes when one leaves the blogosphere…

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